Coffee Philosophy

We love coffee, great coffee. We love to make coffee, we love to drink coffee, and we love bringing people together over a cup of that pure magic. Double Park is dedicated to providing an exceptional coffee experience. We appreciate every process in the journey from the farm to our cup, ensuring what we serve gives credit to all the hands involved along the way. We support roasters who share this same philosophy and that are building relationships with the communities at origin to promote growth and quality throughout the supply chain.

Meet the Roasters

After searching far and wide across the endless plains of the famous Melbourne coffee culture, we struck gold. We tasted spro after spro, buzzing from the highest standard caffeine this planet has to offer. The playing field was incredibly even. The competition was immensely tough. To be fair, a lotta roasters ticked a lotta boxes. But (there is always a but), the Double Parkers have got madly high expectations, and would never settle for 'good coffee'. We were introduced to Sam, Ryan and Tom from Commonfolk Coffee and our lives were changed. The biggest legends you have ever met, who have built an empire of legends to surround them. The Common Folk. Not only is the coffee damn tasty, its foundation is based on the community, where every relationship is as important as the other. Their continuous engagement with our ideas and our goals gives us loads of confidence to keep pushing ourselves forward. Decision definitely well made.

We are proud to offer Double Park customers with exceptional coffee from these absolute legends:




‘It is pretty simple why we do what we do. We love exceptional coffee and we love sharing it with people. Each step in our production is focused on maintaining flavour quality of the green coffee we source.’...’ Our coffee is roasted in small batches on our boutique roasters, and will arrive fresh, dated and accompanied by cupping notes and brewing recipes.’...’ Commonfolk Coffee Company established 'The Cup That Counts' an initiative focused on developing a sustainable specialty coffee industry in the developing world.’...’ The long term aim is to equip farmers with the skills and networks required to develop their own successful enterprises.’ ~ Commonfolk